1—6 августа 2020
Лебедевка (85 км от Одессы)

Gilad and Miri Harouvi

Ashtanga Yoga (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Gilad (Gilli) and Miri Harouvi we were the first Israelis to start the Ashtanga Movement in Israel,1986. The “Yoga Shala”, the most prominent Ashtanga Yoga Israel School in Israel until 2012. We practiced, taught, researched and were leading teacher Training Teachers constantly, and led workshops, retreats and trainings worldwide. Married since 1981, we are blessed with 2 lovely sons: Ben, 35, and Tal, 32.
we came to Ashtanga Yoga after a long fruitful career in Contemporary Dance as dancers and choreographers both in Israel and the UK, and traditional Yang style Ta-Chi. Our vision of Yoga is as a tool for higher-education in order to achieve personal human excellence- that can be considered as Yoga’s spiritual and non-theistic message. This can further facilitate spiritual grounding and evolvement towards the individual practitioners’ aspirations.
As a result of 43 years of Dance and Yoga experience, we developed 2 distinct Yoga-education tools that are firmly grounded in Yoga tradition and the Ashtanga practice system: 1- the “Anatomical Ashtanga Technique” for understanding and enhancing the anatomic essentials and as an simple (though not easy) tool for “warding-off” Ashtanga related Injuries, and 2- the “Yoga Dance Therapy method” for experiencing first-hand the esoteric energetic teachings of Yoga- with movement and music.