Jason Anderson

Art of Yoga (USA)

Jason Anderson a Professional 500 ERYT, residing in Varna, Bulgaria. “I have been instructing the Art of Yoga full-time for over a decade. I arrived upon the practice of yoga through the portal of sports. I played Division 1A basketball at the University of Florida followed by playing professionally in Europe and South America. Upon retiring from the game of basketball, I have been practicing and teaching yoga professionally with consistency and passion for this transformational art form.”
“Fusing the principals of Basketball and Yoga, I am teaching/coaching amateur and professional performance sport athletes their game or sport from the mat or yogic perspective which refines their skill sets within the wholeness of their existence; allowing one to see and realize their fullest potential. My resume also includes leading a public and private teacher trainings, 300 hours of training under Shiva Rea, retreats, festivals and video content with Udaya.com , most notably my GameDayYoga series for sport and life athletes.”

“I understand that yoga is a meditation journey witnessed by Pure Awareness and guided by an intimate connection and surrender to the flow of my life force or breath flow. I instruct conceptual practices combining power and finesse that urge you to evacuate that which does not serve so that in clarity you can see, feel and realize your greatness. Keep Flowin’ and Peace.”