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One of his goals in teaching yoga is to empower his students. “I try to give people something they can do for themselves, create awareness in their bodies,” he says. “A lot of our injuries come out of unawareness. Long before we feel pain, something has been misaligned for a long time. Long before something breaks, there is this lack of awareness. It weakens and weakens, and then we feel pain. Then we want to protect that, and it gets weaker and weaker. You can’t ignore the physical realm. You have to be grounded…in order to reach upward.. We are not just earth creatures or heaven creatures. We are both.”

Rich expresses himself as a yogi not only as a teacher but in his lifestyle, considering how his actions affect others. He feels compelled to ride a bicycle whenever possible and considers how his eating choices affect the environment. “We have to do what is right in the moment,” he says. “We can’t expect government to control [everything].”

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