1—6 августа 2019
Черноморск (30 км от Одессы)

Ruff Libner

Electro Acoustic Didgeridoo Soundscape (Польша)

4 августа музыкальный вечер начнет наш гость из Польши Ruff Libner, который путешествует с диджериду уже 20 лет!

Rafał «Ruffus» Libner — born in Poland, musican and traveller, play didjeridoo since 1998, founder of bands: Balanda DD, Radio Samsara, Nell’ Ambientes.

Recordings in power places and playing didjeridoo with local musicans during travel that is the main idea which alived project ‘Travelling Didjeridoo» it is also name for his solo activities.


Original program being the result of 20 years of travel with an instrument, years of practice and style improvement, exploring techniques, searching for sounds and collecting instruments, traveling with an instrument both internal and to the distant parts of the world like India and Nepal. Many times I heard from people that it calms and relaxes them, many times I was told that my records are used for meditation, relaxation and yoga, «Soundbreathing» — a kind of sonic journey to the relaxation and tranquility, meditation using music played live — Yoga Didgeridoo.

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