1—6 августа 2019
Грибовка (45км от Одессы)

Mateusz Krawiec

Contact Improvisation (Wrocław, Poland)

Movement in Yoga

What might be the future of asana?

Inspired by different movement communities and modern understanding of fascial anatomy we will ask our selfs how we can invite natural movement patterns into our yoga practice. What was being in the body before we started to label it and decide what type of pose or movement is called asana In this class we will explore what yoga might look including understanding of many systems.

Instead trying to give universal alignment that could attempt to answer many questions we learn how the body is answering.

Building a trust to felt sens in the body with fun.

Dont we learn most effective if we have fun?

Contact Improvisation 
I like to call my approach to Contact «Yoga of Trust». Its both meditative form of moving through space in relationship to the Ground.Including deep listening through a skin. Form of communication through movement and senses with space and with others.Deep explanation of somatic sensibility and organic movement through techniques from dance, martial arts like aikido and acrobatics. Contact Improvisation can be experience as way of honouring present moment through its natural unfolding.

Mateusz Krawiec -Movement ,Meditation, Sound
Lives in Stockholm Sweden born in Poland Wrocław.
In his work and daily life is exploring how we can reach different states of mind through movement and sound.
Working with Yoga Teacher Trainings, workshops, classes, Jams, Relaxation Concerts.

I always want to remain a Student
In my life I am lucky to be inspired by Teachers like :
Guru Dharam Singh, Ido Portal i Shai Faran from Movement Culture, Jozef Frucek i Linda from Fihting Monkey Rootlesroot, Simon Borg Olivier , Surinder Singh, Satyadev Barman, Noah McKennah, Giselle Mari, Neo Satyananda Moreton, Guru Dev Singh Master of Sat Nam Rasayan, Magdalena Radłowska who exposed me to Dance and Contact Improvisation, Marcell Hendriksen and his Movement Stockholm, Simon Calder — Qi Gong Master and many others who are living inspiration for me.

Very happy to share what I was and am constantly given by these Great Individuals and Cultures.


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