8-13 сентября 2021
Лебедевка (85 км от Одессы)

Maya Abris (Yagnjuk Vera)

Poetess, practicing yogini, photographer (Kiev)

I write poems, or rather, I write them down, most often at night or early in the morning, at the moment when the internal dialogue acquires a constructive and understanding character. It began in childhood, as a result of stress, of a positive or negative nature, at the moment of experiencing new non-standard situations, and emotions, very entertaining processes take place within my brain. Experiences stimulate my imagination and inner dialogue so much that the only salvation is recording what I hear. The brain simply rhymes the events, and I, as an artist, give these thoughts a more logical and pleasant form to perceive. My first works have been lost in the past, but the skill of making thought-magic is continuing to delight me with new poems and realizations. Basically, I just write about life. About the weather, about nature, about feelings, about people and philosophy of possible perceptions. All my works are improvisations, I do not fit them into the classical forms of modern poetry. I write from the heart and for the soul. And if my poems will warm somebody's soul, help somebody to understand or realize something, or just bring pleasant emotions, it will be the highest reward and confirmation that all these thoughts of magic are not in vain, that this is something that someone needs. All that you will hear, let it be for the benefit of self-awareness and development.