8-13 сентября 2021
Лебедевка (85 км от Одессы)

Nomad Guru

Deep house, electronic world fusion (Kiev)

Music is a universal language that helps people understand each other, sometimes even better than other means of communication. We realized this at our first rehearsal.   It immediately became obvious that we have a common desire - the maximum freedom of form. At first, we purposely avoided not only covers, but also words in general. Music was our main navigator, our teacher. Subsequently, this was reflected in the name of the group.   NMD - the first letters of our names - we put it in the word NoMaD - a nomad, that is, one who is not tied to a particular place, form, or method. And Guru is a reminder of how Music brought the three of us together, like a wise mentor, to make us a part of something bigger that goes beyond the individual egos.