8-13 сентября 2021
Лебедевка (85 км от Одессы)


Indian temple dance in the style of Bharatanatyam (Odessa)

The dance band NOOPUR presents an Indian temple dance in the style of Bharatanatyam.  Noopur, is not only very sonorous bells on the dancer's legs and a beautiful decoration. This is a musical instrument (gungru) owned by a temple dancer. According to tradition, the Master gives the gungru to the student, which signifies the Master’s faith in the student’s ability to learn the ancient art of dance. Gungru helps to keep the connection between the dancer and the dance, directing the viewer's attention to more subtle vibrations. We remember and honor traditions, keeping up with the times, ringing with our bells (gungru) while maintaining faith and support without which parampara is lost - the chain of continuity from teacher to students in Indian culture. Thanks to the parampara (Sanskrit “from one to another”, “continuous flow”), modern schools of Bharatanatyam retain the teaching in their original form, as it is done in our school. Each member of the group, like a ringing bell, creates a unique sound in the composition of the Indian temple dance in the style of bharatanatyam. The dance Nalinakanti Pushpanjali, performed as a greeting and opening ceremony, is a homage to the lord of the dance Nataraja, to Guru, to musicians and spectators. 3 minutes Dance Alarippu - means flowering bud. Dance-prayer symbolizing a tribute to God. 4 minutes Natesha Kauthuvam Dance, performed for the glory of Lord Shiva, who is considered the God of destruction and the God of dance in his form of Nataraj. 5 minutes