1—6 августа 2019
Черноморск (30 км от Одессы)

Paul Vishal

Meditation and healing (France)

Paul Vishal is a french Reiki Master and meditation teacher with a special talent in ‘reading’ the energy, the chakras, and give related loving guidance.

he started to meditate a long time ago with simple instructions, practiced intensively and never stopped.
Paul is sharing his experience that we don’t need ‘special’ conditions for spiritual development, but that we can practice anywhere with simple tools, pleasure and passion.
Paul is also a Reiki Master, medium and healer.

During meditation session, participants are guided to receive healing energies, all will receive according to their capacities and needs.
It is a beautiful meditation that can also be practiced in daily life.
Some participants will randomly receive an individual «Soul-reading».

I can also give ‘pure’ meditation classes, Reiki training and certificates, and private healing-sessions.

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