Slava Gucalyuk

Hatha-Yoga (Health&Yoga school, Kyiv)

Vladislav Zyuban, author and creative director of the YES Health School / Yogadao Evolutional School / – an open school of yoga,qigong, biodynamics and modern healing systems.
In the early years he founded a number of popular youth festivals, from 1996 to 2006, held more than 50 dance and music gatherings with a team of like-minded people, including 20 international ones.

A specialist in the field of comprehensive health-care and harmonization of personality. He has been practicing qigong and martial arts since 1991, yoga since 1996. Vladislav became a certified teacher in 2007.He is a trainer in yoga as well as in qigong and recreational practices.

An integrator of modern and traditional methods of physical, energy (emotional) and mental centering, as well as methods of centering the spirit (peace of mind and presence).

Creator of the spiral flow yoga technique, which includes the elements of YOGADAO Classica (classical yoga programs in the qigong system) and YOGADAO Jazz (yoga in the free qigong system).
Author of the transformational technique of fascial fitness, ”YES” spiral gymnastics, based on the unique structuring practices of traditional neigong, “fusing” wave dynamics, synchronizing gymnastics, techniques aimed at awakening and strengthening tendons, as well as exercises to synchronize tissue craniosacral “skeletal” breathing.

Vladislav held over 150 training seminars, qigong retreats and yoga tours, which were attended by more than 2000 people.