1—6 августа 2019
Черноморск (30 км от Одессы)

Yotam Viccara Anand


Yotam «Viccaranand» Adler is a yoga teacher and a meditation instructor based in Israel; in the past, he had been teaching and participating in festivals and other events
mainly in Israel and India — this his his first time touring in Europe — including Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.

Moving our joints: moving the joints is an integral part of keeping our body balanced and healthy; in this workshop we will practice exercises taken from yoga-asana, movement therapy and sports therapy in order to move each and every joint in our body.
the most popular (and fun!) active meditation as thought by osho, practiced daily at evenings by his followers. in this meditation we will
awaken our kundalini, dance, meditate and than relax our body and mind.

Светлана ДонецМила Кучеренко