8-13 сентября 2021
Лебедевка (85 км от Одессы)

Bryce Delbridge

Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy (USA, Oklahoma)

Through a dedicated and innovative practice of Ashtanga Yoga & Yoga Therapy, Bryce was able to overcome a severe case of adolescent scoliosis, avoid a total spinal fusion, and finally become pain free. Through this experience, Bryce has developed a unique insight into the use of Vinyasa Yoga as a deep healing modality. Interweaving asana; full body & hand mudra; pranayama; chakra, vayu & kosha awareness; prana vidya & visualizations; self massage; muscle isolations; somatics; deep relaxation & yoga nidra. Bryce can assist in safely and effectively addressing injuries while taking your practice to the next level. No Ashtanga or yoga experience is necessary. Beginners, as well as individuals suffering from pain or repetitive use injuries, are are highly encouraged.