8-13 сентября 2021
Лебедевка (85 км от Одессы)

Bujar Halo

Wataflow (Pisa, Italy)

Born in 1972, Bujar Halo has a PHD in Peace studies and Inner Conflict Resolution, travelling around the world following his passions; diplomacy,sailing, meditation, yoga, tantra, qi gong, tai chi, NLP, NVC (non violent communication), family constellations,regression of past lives, rebirthing, hipnosi,shiatsu, whirling, hughing,shamanism, dance and body work. In 2016 he went through a strong process of awakening to a deeper consciousness and started a new path of love and trust that took him closerto water and lead him to meet many liquid dreamers, dauphins and mermaids. He then went on a long initial journey in Ibiza , where he met the water masters Oceano and received his water work technique.   WATAFLOW more then a technique of massage dance meditation in water is also a journey to our essence of light. It is a movement of the nowage that promotes water as a powerful healing element. Wataflow helps to enter a deep relaxation, the mind switches off, the body lets go of old tension and blocked emotion and ancient traumas can effortless be released. In additional, his passions enriched the technique of Wataflow, including chanting and holistic massage. Wataflow is holding a space of unconditional love and presence in water where healing can happen. WATER represent source of life, the mother, the feminine , the womb, birthing, the emotions, fear, traumas but also a space of no weight, no mind, fluidity pleasure , bliss and where we can deeply connect with ourself and self love. Water is clear and transparent and has memory. Water can really help with clarity and remembering.   Further info: www.oceanowataflow.com